Choosing a larger sized Chinese ATV 

INTERMEDIATE PLUS Sized machines are a fairly new offering. A bit bigger than the Intermediate sized units, but smaller than a full size, these units are perfect for older (larger kids) or smaller adults. They are usually powered by the 169cc GY6 engine and feature an overall heavier duty frame and suspension package. Most get Hydraulic Disc Brakes all the way around and have better plastics. This has been a much awaited addition to the line up and fills the 10-15 year old size range perfectly. 

FULL Sized Machines are the largest of the ATV's we offer. These generally use the proven GY6 150cc - 200cc engines, are much bigger than any of the intermediate machines and may be too big for smaller riders. These ATVs are comparable in size to most 300cc machines offered by name brand manufacturers. They will fit older riders from about 12 years and up. This is also a good beginner adult size unit.