How to choose the right sized Chinese Kids ATV


What’s better than the look on a child’s face when they open the garage and see their very own ATV for the first time?

At Familyfunpowersports we make it possible by offering a line of high quality yet affordable ATVs for your youth ATV enthusiasts’.  We only carry brands that have shown a history of reliability and ruggedness so you can be assured years of fun and adventure. Whether you’re hitting the trails at your local riding spot, cruising the woods down the street, or just simply riding around the yard, our line of Chinese kids ATVs offers something for everyone.

Kids ATVs are generally classified in five size ranges:

MINI Sized machines being the smallest we carry. These usually have 107cc (110cc) engines, 14” tires, a very compact frame size, and No Reverse. These are good options for the smallest of riders but don’t offer much room to grow.  (Our very petite daughter used to ride one of these at age 5 but recently graduated to a bigger intermediate unit at age 8).

MID Sized machines are the next size up. These generally have 107cc (110cc) engines, 16” tires, and are a bit larger than the MINI’s. Most models even have reverse. This is a very good starting point for most kids under 8 years old. (This is just our opinion and we should tell you in advance that the US government states no one under 12 years of age should ride this) I don’t think a 12-year-old can even physically fit on this ATV but hey, who are we to question the government right.

INTERMEDIATE Sized machines are 3rd in line. They generally use the same size body as the MID sized machines but offer a much heavier frame, 19” tires, 107cc (110cc) - 120cc (125cc) engines, come with better chain and sprocket designs, and can get a bit fancier (if opted) with alloy wheels and performance exhaust. Most are about 3” higher, wider and longer than their Mid Size cousins. These (again in our opinion only) are perfect for 8 – 12 year olds. (The Intermediate Size is hands down our biggest seller)

INTERMEDIATE PLUS Sized machines are a fairly new offering. A bit bigger than the Intermediate sized units, but smaller than a full size, these units are perfect for older (larger kids) or smaller adults. They are usually powered by the 169cc GY6 engine and feature an overall heavier duty frame and suspension package. Most get Hydraulic Disc Brakes all the way around and have better plastics. This has been a much awaited addition to the line up and fills the 10-15 year old size range perfectly. 

FULL Sized machines. These generally use the proven GY6 150cc or 200cc engines, are much bigger than any of the intermediate machines offered, but maybe too big and heavy steering for younger riders, These ATVs are comparable in size to most 350cc machines offered by many name brand manufacturers. They will fit older riders from about 12 years and up. This is also a good beginner adult size.

Please Don't Fall for the Rename Game:

We don't really understand why, but some internet sales brainiacs feel that by changing the name of the products they sell, they will somehow attract more business.Well I don't know about that, but what I do know is that you as a customer are being mislead into thinking your buying something your not or that doesn't even exist. Also, and even more important is that, in the end, you don't really know what you have, so getting parts for it is next to impossible. Here at Familyfunpowersports we never rename our product or sell you gimmicks like other companies. We know Powersports period and we guarantee that you will be able to find just about any part you will ever need right here on our website or if not were just a phone call away. Full-service Tech support, Full parts inventory for every item we sell, and no gimmicks is what makes us the #1 Chinese Kids ATV dealer in the country.